About DosePro

DosePro. The only commercially available prefilled disposable needle-free drug delivery system for subcutaneous injection. 

Engineered pressure profile delivers drug selectively to subcutaneous tissue

DosePro is designed to be patient-preferred so that life-enhancing injectable therapies are more readily adopted into everyday life.   For physicians, this can mean better outcomes.  For the pharmaceutical industry, this can mean differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage.  With DosePro, everyone wins.

SNAP the tip, FLIP the lever, and PRESS against the skin, and DosePro delivers a single dose of liquid formulation into the subcutaneous tissue in less than 1/10th of a second…faster than human reaction time.

So, technically, how does DosePro work?

  1. Upon pressing the uncapped DosePro against the skin, the energy stored as compressed nitrogen gas in a small reservoir is released.
  2. This energy propels a plunger forward through the drug cartridge, quickly moving the liquid dose toward the nozzle.
  3. A biphasic pressure profile builds within the drug cartridge (see above).
  4. In the first few milliseconds, an initial peak pressure emits a small jet of liquid formulation through the nozzle, piercing the skin.
  5. This is immediately followed by a liquid stream at a lower delivery pressure, depositing the remaining dose into the subcutaneous tissue.

These steps constitute the entire dosing event…in less than 1/10th of a second.

MRI of Abdomen:
Drug in SC Space

Advances over other technologies

  • Selective subcutaneous delivery – prevents inadvertent intramuscular dosing
  • Primary container glass silicone-free and tungsten-free
  • Viscous formulation delivery over 100cP
  • With over 100 patents issued and pending worldwide extending through 2031, DosePro can truly bring sustainable competitive advantage to your drug products


Preferred by patients over needle and syringe:

Battelle, the world's largest independent research and development organization, has partnered with us in a co-marketing agreement to offer the DosePro technology to pharmaceutical partners for developing innovative injectable products. Battelle's integrated science and technology services include industry-leading formulation capabilities and leading-edge medical device development expertise which can apply DosePro to deliver viscous formulations and customize the user interface.  To learn more, click here.